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From APH:

Are you looking for a way to purchase high-quality assistive tech and STEM products? If so, the Rural Technology Fund (RTF) provides two separate grants that can be used to subsidize the price of APH STEM products, including Code Jumper. Code Jumper, originally designed by Microsoft® and developed by APH, teaches computer coding and programming skills by putting block code tactually in the users’ hands, bridging the gap to accessible coding by creating an inclusive learning environment.  

RTF offers two types of grants, one for Rural Technology Education projects and another for Assistive Technology projects for schools, educators, and organizations operating in the United States. The average grant ranges from $500 – $2500, but larger amounts may be considered for projects whose impact reaches large groups of students.

Rural technology education grant

Projects that receive funding are typically teacher and/or student-led projects in public schools and libraries designed to help spark interest in technology-based careers like computer science, computer engineering, information technology, programming, cyber security, robotics or similar areas. Projects designed to reach multiple students within a learning environment and introduce/teach computer science, programming, robotics, engineering, and design have been awarded grants in the past. 

Assistive technology (AT) grant

Projects eligible for funding include AT equipment that increases accessibility for students with disabilities in public schools and libraries. Because AT is so vast, projects that specifically provide accessibility to students and include technology access for inclusive purposes are chosen first. Projects that have been funded in the past include laptops or tablets to utilize speech-to-text, text-to-speech, word processing, magnification, audiobooks, and other accessibility features that increase education and technology access for individuals. 

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