Screenshot of video of DNA twist model

APH Instructional Videos for Science Products

APH produces useful and concise instructional videos.

At the recent POSB Conference, I was made aware of the APH “Quick Tip” 3-minute instructional videos and inquired of Rosanne Hoffman in regard to videos available for APH Science Products.  Many thanks to Rosanne for information on the videos (and for producing them).

The following videos are short instructional videos which describe several APH Biology products related to DNA, Transcription and Translation. These are the processes by which the information from DNA is used to make RNA and finally protein within the cell.  I hope to get the word out of their existence so that TVIs and General Education science teachers working with students with visual impairment can benefit from them.  I found them to be engaging, clear and concise.  None of the videos is over 3 minutes long. 

Information about the DNA Twist and how to use it:

A video entitled DNA-RNA Kit Video 1 introduces the DNA-RNA Kit and shows how to make single and double strands of DNA:

The DNA-RNA Kit Video 2 describes how one double strand of DNA becomes two:

The DNA-RNA Kit Video 3, the third explainer video for the DNA-RNA Kit demonstrating the process of transcription or the formation of messenger RNA from a DNA template strand, is now available for viewing at the following link:

There is also a video available on translation using the Protein Synthesis Kit

By Laura Hospitál

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