An inside look at CVI Now: Resources and key learnings to help inform your work

CVI Now is a deep, trusted resource that centers CVI voices and follows current research. Rachel Bennett, an Assistant Director of the CVI Center at Perkins who leads, will walk you through CVI Now resources and tools to help inform your work with students with CVI. Rachel will synthesize key learnings from research, articles, interviews, presentations, and CVI stories from CVI Now that will culminate in practical foundational ways to think about what access looks like for your students with CVI.

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Boy, supported by his father, walks across a wooden playground bridge to his uncle

CVI Now Early Intervention Series

Tom and a friendly dog touch noses while they sit on a boat at sunset.

Celebrating CVI dads: Steve and Tom

A young Nolan wears glasses and smiles.

“Have you ever heard of CVI?” A parent story of persistence and support