ABC in bright colors.

The Alphabet Sound: iBook

Accessible emerging reading alphabet book.

In this digital book, each page has a letter of the alphabet with a corresponding object starting with that letter and a sound clip associated with the picture. For example, a Cow is shown for the letter C while a cow “moo’s” in the background. See more iBooks created by Dr. Gary Bishop’s students. This book is perfect for the emerging reader!

Note: These digital books were created using the free app iBooks Author on an Apple computer. iBooks Author app is no longer available; however the books can be opened in Apple Books. 

Click on the attached file to open The Alphabet Sound iBook. You must have the free Apple Books app (formally iBooks) on your computer or iOS device to view the book. If using an Apple computer, the book will be physically located in your Download Folder (down arrow symbol located in the Tool bar at the top right). Selecting the story (Alphabet) will open the book in Apple Books. If you are using an iPad, select the attached book. Then, select Open In Apple Books.

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By Diane Brauner

4x4 grid of the snowman Sudoku puzzle with snowman, carrot and hat images.

Snowman Sudoku: Logical Thinking

Donner wireless foot pedal and music note

forScore app for low vision: Donner foot pedal

Open envelope with "newsletters" page/ envelope is wrapped with arrows representing the share icon.

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