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Adding Voices to VoiceDream Reader using VPP

Information on how to add enhanced voices in schools that do not allow in-app purchases.

Jessica, a passionate TVI who teaches her students to embrace technology, shared that she has been on a mission to bump up her students’ auditory reading speed as Ed Summers recommended in his series about Reading 600 Words Per Minute. (Read Ed’s first 600 Words Per Minute Post here.) Jessica wanted to add the popular text-to-speech voices – James and Sharon – to her Voice Dream Reader app. However, she was frustrated because these voices are In-App purchases which are not available through the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Her district managed iPads require purchases through the Volume Purchase Program (VPP).  

When Voice Dream Reader was contacted, they shared that In-App purchases cannot be purchased through VPP. However, the developer created the Voice Dream Voice Pack – which is available through VPP – as a way to access these two popular premium voices.

Installing Voice Dream Voice Pack

After downloading the Voice Pack app, run it and you will be prompted to download two voices. When the download is complete, restart Voice Dream Reader and Writer; these two voices will now be available. (Be sure that Voice Dream Reader and Writer have been updated to the latest version.)

Note: This app also contains a text box. Paste any text into the text box and tap on any word. The app will speak that word. It is useful for beginning readers to increase their phonetic skills.



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