Adapted Ocean Animal Book for Student with CVI

Remote instructional video for parents and accessible book for students with CVI.

For remote instruction, my student with multiple disabilities and CVI receives materials via Google Classroom. Service providers post short videos of fine motor activities for OT, exercises and yoga for PT, as well as links to YouTube videos of songs focusing on concepts/skills she is learning in O&M. 

For vision services, I have been creating two digital books for her monthly focusing on scanning and visual complexity. The student benefits from increased spacing between words, thus there are double spaces between each word in a sentence. Each book shows a real picture of an ocean animal and then has the student locate the picture within an ocean scene on the next page. The array of pictures increases from 1-8 per page. The book was created using an iPad with the Book Creator app and Magic Eraser app. 

Attached is a PDF copy of the book and an ePub copy of the book. A link to the YouTube video lesson of the book is embedded in this post too. The video was created for the parent so the student can work on swiping to turn pages in the book, tapping the audio button to listen to the text read aloud, as well as look for a specific image on each page. 

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