Accessing and/or editing a map from the Map Library

Accessing a map for the Map Library

After installing the SAS Graphics Accelerator extension, you are ready to view the maps! From the Map Library, peruse the available maps and related lessons. Select the desired map – remember, the map must be opened in the Google Chrome web browser for the Accelerate button to appear!

Once the Google Map opens, select the Accelerate button in the bottom right corner to open the non-visual digital map.

UNC Campus Google map with an annotated arrow pointing to the Accelerate button located in the bottom right corner.

Editing an existing map in the Map Library

Is it possible to edit a map found in the Map Library? Absolutely! To customize (edit) an existing map from the Map Library, you must make a copy of the map. 

When you select a map from the Map Library, you do NOT have permission to edit that map. Only the original author “owns” the map and has permission to edit. When sharing the map, the original author can choose to give permission to others to collaborate and edit the map. However, any edits will also change the original map! For this reason, the maps in the Map Library do not give permission for others to edit the original maps, eliminating the possibility of accidently make changes to the original maps in the Map Library.

Don’t worry! You can make a COPY of the original map from the map library; you will then “own” that copy and can make any changes that you want!

For details and a video tutorial, go to Editing a Non-Visual Digital Map From the Map Library post. 

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