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Accessibyte Arcade: FutureBot

Calculate your future with FutureBot!

FutureBot is a machine who loves asking bizarre questions to calculate your future. The thing is, he isn’t very good at it. But we admire his passion for calculating futures and decided to let him join Accessibyte Arcade. This is a game focused on funny fun. 

[Video Description: The Video below has an animated robot “face” with rotating gears for eyes, mouth with clashing teeth and robotic hands that move. The question and answer choices are displayed in print below the robot.]


Players are asked as series of questions. Their answers will help FutureBot calculate their future.

Do you think fuzzy rugs are comfortable? Do computers dream? Are pickles delicious? This is all crucial information FutureBot use to calculate your future.

Thousands of questions with thousands of answers lead to countless possible futures.

There is no way to win or lose. FutureBot is focused on fun without challenge.

How to Play

When FutureBot asks a question, a player must choose an answer. Simply press the Up or Down Arrow to make a selection. Press Enter to confirm your choice.

Once all questions have been asked, FutureBot will reveal your future. Press any key to progress to the next part of his calculation. Press Space or Control to repeat the current phrase.




By joejorgenson

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