Snap Circuits Jr. kit with over 100 projects to build!

Accessible snap circuit kit

The snap circuit kit will be available from the American Printing House for the blind.

Snap circuit lazer war alarm sound combo Are you interested in electronics? Would you like to be able to easily learn the basics of circuits? This is a new product from American Printing House for the Blind (APH). This is the snap circuits kit.

This kit has been adapted using braille. APH has put labels on all of the hard to differentiate components. APH has also included a braille instruction book with this kit. This book contains very specific instructions on how to build each project. Currently there are 20 adapted projects. The projects have a brief description of the project. The projects will also contain notes that might assist people who are blind. An example is in project 1 the lamp project. There is a note saying that you could replace the lamp with the motor. Each instruction of a project is numbered in sequential order. The breadboard is labeled A thru G and 1 thru 10.The coordinates allow users to know the exact location to place each part. For example the instructions would say place s1 switch a1,a3.

The instructions break the steps down into layers of the build. Some projects have two to three layers. There are 100 projects in the print book, I hope that when the product is released all 100 projects have been adapted in braille.


By Evdog

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