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Accessible Periodic Table Options

Which periodic table is best for your student?

“Anyone know of good accessible periodic tables, other than the APH one or the audio tactile from Touch Graphics? I have used both, but wondering if there’s anything new out there. . .” Accessible periodic table questions like this one pop up frequently! This question was recently asked and our wonderful “BLV math experts” jumped in with their favorite accessible periodic table options. Below are options that were shared. Note: These periodic tables are in random order.

Accessible Digital Periodic Tables

Tactile Periodic Table

Additional Comments

TVIs shared their personal experiences/comments:

If a student is learning the structure of the table and its importance (periods, families, etc.) then a hard copy is important—especially as an introduction. The APH Periodic Table is adequate for this—but not great. I add tactile tape to go across the first three periods—as students easily get lost tracking across the row where there are gaps—especially period 1. I also add tactile tape that runs down through the 8 representative groups and add braille at the top of those for the names. It is helpful also to add some sort of tactile marking to each element key as the designations for metal/nonmetal are color and not tactile.  If students who are braille readers are using this periodic table to look up details on elements, it is essential that they use the brailled reference book that accompanies it so they can look up elements by symbol, name, atomic number, etc. and get additional information on each element.

If a hard copy is not used, then it is important that the online version voice rows and columns.

Periodic Table as a Reference

Once the structure is understood, it is often easier for a student to use an online resource for looking up information. Even a voice assistant can be quickly used to find the mass of hydrogen or whatever. I feel this discussion has covered the online accessible versions of periodic tables that I would mention.

The APH periodic table is old (in Nemeth) and has a limited scope. It has not been updated to UEB.

Please share YOUR favorite way to access a periodic table!

By Diane Brauner

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