A two tiered calendar system from the video Partial and Tactile Calendar System with Sharon Stelzer

Accessible calendar systems for students with CVI

Welcome to our resource hub to learn all about accessible and meaningful calendar systems for students with CVI.

Want to learn about accessible and meaningful calendar systems for students with CVI?

You’ve come to the right place.

By enabling students to anticipate and understand their schedules, an accessible calendar system can help your CVI child with time management, reduce anxiety, improve independence, and enhance communication inside and outside of the classroom — making calendar systems an essential tool for learning!

No two CVI students are the same, and their calendar systems shouldn’t be, either! A calendar system is also not a static object. As your child grows and learns to access their world, so should their calendar system.

Our four-part series on calendar system introduction, preparation, design, and implementation was created by Jessica Marquardt — a CVI mom to Grace and creator of Kaleidoscope: The CVI Podcast. This series seeks to educate parents, teachers, and other educational professionals about the importance of providing CVI kids with a tailored calendar system, along with links to recommended materials for designing calendars, and more CVI resources.

This series will discuss:

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