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Accessibility Review of SpellQuiz Website

Are you looking for an accessible spelling game?

SpellQuiz is a an online spelling quiz program, offering students opportunities to learn and practice spelling words. SpellQuiz includes spelling words for each grade based on difficulty so that students are appropriately challenged without being overwhelmed. Student progress is tracked and student reports are provided to teachers.

SpellQuiz is available for Teachers and for Parents. A free, 14 day trial is available, along with monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Teacher Hint: These spelling exercises are also a great way to practice keyboarding skills too!

Practice Quizzes

When signed in as a teacher, the tabs are Dashboard, Practice, Reports, Blog and Subscriptions tabs; quizzes are located under the Practice Tab. Quizzes are organized by Grades 1- 12 and Adults. Each grade has numerous excercises, spelling bees and spelling lessons. You must be signed in to start the audio for the desired activity.

The screenshot below shows Grades 1-12 and Adult categories listed in the column on the left, with Grade 1 selected. The Grade 1 options include numerous exercises, spelling bees and spelling lessons.

Screenshot of SpellQuiz website displaying the Grades listed in the left column and Grade 1 activity options of

Once a grade and activity is selected, the sentence is spoken and the student types the sentence in the textbox. 

The Screenshot below is a question from the Grade 1, Spelling Exercise #1. The spoken sentence that is typed into the textbox is, “She was as cold as ice.” The button options on the screen are Play, Check, and Next. 

Screenshot of SpellQuiz website displaying question from Grade 1 Spelling Exercises #1.

The video below gives an overview of the main SpellQuiz features.

Accessibility of Spelling Exercises, Spelling Bees, and Spelling Lessons

Note: This website was evaluated using an iPad (iOS version 11.2.6) running VoiceOver and the Safari web browser.

Screen Reader Accessibility:

Screen Reader Suggestions:

Low Vision Accessibility:

Quiz Games

There are four additional Quiz Games available:

The Quiz Game Layout is different than the basic spelling games above. With the Quiz Games, have a sentence with a blank and then four choices. The screenshot below displays a question from the Hard Spelling Words quiz. The question and answer choices are:

The younger you are, the easier it is to ___ new language skills.





Screenshot of Spell Quiz website displaying a Hard Spelling Quiz question.

These quizzes are terrific practice for online assessments: the content similar to content found in assessments and students can practice their tech skills as they navigate through the questions and select their answers.

TVI Hint: Students using a screen reader will need to navigate character-by-character in order to identify the letters in each word. For students using VoiceOver on an iPad, that means setting the Rotor to Characters, then using a down swipes to move by characters. There are also keyboard commands to navigate by characters.

The screenshot below displays a question from the How Well Do You Know the Conditionals? quiz.  This quiz focuses on grammar. The question and answer choices are:

Well, if I ___ more free time, I would read more books or maybe even learn a new language.


would have


will have

Screenshot of SpellingQuiz website displaying question from  the How Well Do you Know Conditionals? quiz.

Do you have students you need to challenge? Try the Difficult Spelling Quiz! Only 1% can get all 30 of these answers correct.

Note: In the history of the national spelling bee championship, many world-class spellers fell because they misspelled one of these 30 words. 

Accessibility of the Quiz Games

Screen Reader Accessibility:

Screen Reader Suggestions:

Low Vision Accessibility:

Accessibility Updates

The SpellQuiz team has been very open to accessibility suggestions and have already made a number of improvements. The team is currently looking into the suggestions provided in this post. Do you have additional suggestions? Contact the developer directly or leave comments below!

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