Accessibility, advocacy and allies in the workplace: A community conversation with Veronica Lewis

In this Career Launch speaker series event, Brian Switzer and blogger Veronica Lewis discuss disability in the workplace – and what it takes to be successful

In this session, Brian Switzer, author, deafblind athlete, and Assistive Tech Instructor for Career Launch @ Perkins, chatted with blogger and disability advocate Veronica Lewis (also known as Veronica With Four Eyes) about disability in the workplace, what it takes to be successful – and why it all matters.

In addition to taking questions from attendees, they offered their unique insight on:

This discussion is a must-watch for everyone from job seekers with disabilities to inclusion-focused employers. Check it out!

Veronica is one of our favorite advocates – and she has lots to say. If you’re not already a fan, follow her on Twitter to see why we like her so much.

And if you want to learn more about Career Launch @ Perkins, our innovative job training and career services program for blind and visually impaired adults who are ready to start professional, career-track jobs, get in touch!

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