Access tech, advocacy, and living with blindness: A conversation with Jonathan Mosen

In this session, Brian Switzer, author, deafblind athlete and Training & Program Specialist for Career Launch @ Perkins hosted a lively conversation with broadcaster and disability advocate Jonathan Mosen.

Their wide-ranging discussion covered accessibility, advocacy at work and the disability employment experience from the perspective of someone who has been an employee, an executive and an entrepreneur.

Jonathan, CEO of Workbridge, is an experienced leader, manager, negotiator and advocate, holding senior management positions in the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. In his work with the Blind Foundation, Jonathan managed Government Relations, oversaw extensive constitutional reform, and chaired its board. He has also been a consumer advocate, having been President of Blind Citizens New Zealand.

He’s an internationally recognized assistive technology leader, pioneer and commentator, having established the Internet radio start-up ACB Radio, and developed several leading products for HumanWare and Freedom Scientific. After a stint as an independent accessibility consultant, Jonathan most recently led the roll-out of the visual interpreter service Aira to New Zealand and Australia.

Jonathan has lived experience of disability, being totally blind and hearing impaired. If you want to learn more, visit his website at Mosen.org.

And if you want to learn more about Career Launch @ Perkins, our innovative job training and career services program for blind and visually impaired adults who are ready to start professional, career-track jobs, get in touch!

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