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1st Day of Preschool: ePub Book

Capture the first day of preschool in an accessible ePub book!

Social media blows up at the beginning of each school year as thousands of “first day” of school pictures are uploaded and shared. First day activities often include “I like . . .” writing/drawing activities which are often in booklet form. In 21st century classrooms these first day activities have evolved to creating simple ePub books or presentations (PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote presentations).

TVI Andrea Bilello uses the Book Creator app on the iPad to make books with alt text, large print, and images for her preschooler, Addyson. Andrea uses Airdrop (or emails) the book to Addyson’s iPad and Addyson can add audio recordings of her reading/reciting the text on each page. These books are then sent home for Addyson to ‘read’ with her family.

Andrea shares that Addyson prefers audio buttons with recordings over synthesized speech while she has a third grader who prefers reading the books using the Book Creator app to hear the text and alt text; this student does not use the audio buttons anymore. She creates each book according to the student’s individual preference.

Addyson’s First Day of Preschool book


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