Working at Perkins

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A woman crouches next to a boy in a wheelchair on a baseball field.

Consultant spotlight: Elizabeth (Lily) McDonagh

A woman standing in front of an office desk and smiling

She provides a fun space to chill out

Accessibility consultant Akira Fujita brought years of experience as a trainer at Apple to the Perkins Access team.

He makes digital spaces accessible to all

Aidan's Harry Potter-themed physical therapy incorporates Quidditch, a magical sport played on flying broomsticks, with a bolster swing serving as the "broom" for him to sit on while he throws balls through a hoop.

Harry Potter and the magic of physical therapy

On the first day at school, Zachary, a student in the Secondary Program, practices chords on the guitar during a one-on-one lesson with Perkins Music Director Arnie Harris.

Q&A: Making music at Perkins

Music therapist Kiera Thompson uses instruments like the guitar and drums to help children who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired learn and practice non-musical skills through music.

Songs for success

Director of Special Events Emily Goodman at the Taste of Perkins cocktail reception, where guests can have fun tasting items while blindfolded.

Planning the perfect event

Photo of Marcia Moore

From the cottage to the real world

A man working with tools at a workbench

The hands that built the braillers

A young student fast asleep

A hard day’s night: Behind the scenes with the Perkins overnight staff

Two students working behind a counter and wearing aprons

Q&A: Learning on the job

An O&M teacher practices white a white cane

O&M specialists walk in their students’ shoes