Working at Perkins

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A woman crouches next to a boy in a wheelchair on a baseball field.

Consultant spotlight: Elizabeth (Lily) McDonagh

A woman standing in front of an office desk and smiling

She provides a fun space to chill out

Accessibility consultant Akira Fujita brought years of experience as a trainer at Apple to the Perkins Access team.

He makes digital spaces accessible to all

Aidan's Harry Potter-themed physical therapy incorporates Quidditch, a magical sport played on flying broomsticks, with a bolster swing serving as the "broom" for him to sit on while he throws balls through a hoop.

Harry Potter and the magic of physical therapy

On the first day at school, Zachary, a student in the Secondary Program, practices chords on the guitar during a one-on-one lesson with Perkins Music Director Arnie Harris.

Q&A: Making music at Perkins

Music therapist Kiera Thompson uses instruments like the guitar and drums to help children who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired learn and practice non-musical skills through music.

Songs for success