Tactile graphics

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Using a black pen, tracing a student drawing onto Swell paper which is over a raised line drawing on top of the Lightbox.

HOW TO turn a tactile drawing film drawing into PIAF image: Sharpie method

BrailleDoodle, a device that creates tactile images and can support braille learning. This image has a hand-drawn house with the print letter "H" and the braille word "house".

Braille Doodle: Kickstarter price

Realistic 3D model of a snowy owl with his head turned to the side.

Tactile descriptions: Building language and concepts

Elementary student using the APH Draftsman; drawing with one hand and feeling the tactile lines with the other.

Tactile drawing: Expanding creativity and social inclusion

Visual/tactile swell drawing of boy playing a video game, a dog and a mythical creature.

Upper elementary: Tactile pictures supporting literacy and social connections

Kindergarten Logan in a literacy small group reading his illustrated braille book.

Early elementary: Tactile pictures and drawing, engaging students in literacy activities

Preschool fingers explored a tactile foam fish on a story board.

Preschool: 2D tactile materials supporting play and literacy

preschool hands on a teacher-made braille book with illustration of a boat on water with stick figures of a dad and boy.

Tactile graphic rich environments series: The missing link

colorful jellybeans

Easter Egg Estimating

Image of an egg.

Eggs-citing Tactile Graphic Activities!

Braille Ignition Kits Logo with owl and text, "TVI Braille Ignition Kits: Tool for Teachers"

TVI Braille Ignition Kits

Colorful candy hearts with written sayings.

Candy heart math: Estimating, measuring and graphing