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A women smiling while working behind a jewelry counter

Giving teens with visual impairments their first summer jobs

Curbside pickup, led here by Education Director Pat McCall and Physical Therapist Lori McCall, gave parents a safe way to obtain learning materials for their children.

Learning during the pandemic

A woman poses in cap and gown outside

Graduate corner: An interview with Vaciliza

A older women holds a young boy while sitting on the ground.

Chaman’s story: From fear to focus

एक बच्चा दो विज़न तकनीशियनों के साथ एक हस्तक्षेप सत्र में भाग लेता है, जबकि बच्चे की मां सामने बैठी है और देख रही है

A sigh of relief for parents to finally understand their child’s needs


Including every child