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Hands holding a tablet displaying a science app, vector image

App accessibility checklist for low vision

4 color-coded files representing organizational skills.

Tips to stay organized in virtual classes

Male teacher, vector image

Ten things I wish my TVI taught me about transition

Image simulating decreased peripheral vision, about the size of a small coin. Clear image of the circle around the Parrot's head; parrot's body and background of photo are blacked out.

Using PicsArt to simulate low vision

Vector image of 6 adults meeting around a table.

Common IEP terminology for low vision

Vector image of figure walking with a cane: symbol for visual impairment.

Disclosing disability in college applications

Vector image: list

How I document accessibility preferences with low vision

Dave Steele, the Blind Poet, standing in the woods, holding his long white cane proudly. Dave has black and grey beard, wearing jeans, a black hoodie with BP Logo and red beanie hat.

Canes Perspective: by the Blind Poet

Vector image of a college student with a puzzled expression and a question above his head.

10 questions to ask when choosing a college

Vector image of a sample list of items on a clipboard.

How to come up with sample accommodations

two textbooks with a question mark representing inaccessible print materials.

Ten spooky inaccessible assignments and how to fix them

Vector image of a woman with a question mark above her head standing at a crossroads.

Eight things I’m glad my TVI taught me about transition