Promising practices

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LJ wears sunglasses, a purple shirt, and smiles in front of blooming hydrangeas.

Webinar: LJ’s experience using AAC with CVI

Photo of a student and teacher in a colorful classroom working on an activity together.

Breaking barriers: Brazilian state adopts inclusive plan to overhaul education system

Henry sits in a classroom and shows his tactile calendar system

How to support learning at school with calendar systems

TVI Megan holds up an activity card for a CVI student.

How to design CVI-accessible calendar systems

Perkins TVI Ilse Willems shines a light on a glass container for Ryan during a home CVI assessment.

CVI-friendly calendar systems: Tips for preparation

a young girl and her teacher look at a tactile calendar system together

Why all CVI kids deserve accessible calendar systems

A two tiered calendar system from the video Partial and Tactile Calendar System with Sharon Stelzer

Accessible calendar systems for students with CVI

Cyrus works with Amelia during speech class.

What do you need to know about CVI, complex communication needs, and AAC systems?

Two students work together as they engage with an adapted book

CVI and Social Skills

Headshot of Maurice Belote with CVI Now logo and black background

CVI and Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

Boy uses slant board with female teacher

CVI and the ECC: Focus on Compensatory Access


CVI and the ECC: Focus on Social Interaction Skills