Perkins history

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Still image of Deafblind Circus Film

Deafblind Circus, 1969 Film

Examples of digitized materials on Flickr

Digital collections on the Perkins Archives Flickr site

Elizabeth McClellan, a child born both deaf and blind due to a rubella infection, learned new communication skills after coming to Perkins.

Throughout history, Perkins emerges stronger from world-changing events

Black and white portrait of Ken Stuckey. He is wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up above the elbow. Stuckey’s plaid tie is fastened with a tie clip.

The Legacy of Ken Stuckey

Seated portrait of Jessica Langworthy, circa 1936. There is a Japanese style artwork showing bamboo in the background. She is wearing a sweater and blouse. Langworthy has round wire-framed glasses on. Her hair is styled in finger waves.

A legacy of teaching students and teaching teachers

Student working at a wooden table with a braille writer and an open braille book.

Barriers being broken