People in Perkins history

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Richard Chapman and Claude Ellis running in a race.

Richard Chapman oral history (2023)

Portrait of George Roukey, a white man, wearing a suit and tie. He is wearing dark glasses.

The unexpected discovery of a blind ancestor named George

Kevin holds a brailler while a group of people around him take a look, including Shirley Temple.

Remembering former Perkins Director Kevin Lessard

Tiled portrait of Augustus Saint-Gaudens painted portrait and photographic portrait of Anna Lyman Gray.

Anna Lyman Gray and Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Portrait of Lady Campbell. In three-quarter profile with hair parted down the middle and braided in the back. Wearing a dress with lace collar and dark lacy shawl.

Lady Campbell

Photo portrait of Ellen Mazel

Ellen Mazel oral history

Professional portrait of Martha Majors

Martha Majors: Creating waves of impact through mentorship

Portrait of Cora Crocker, a Perkins student with deafblindness, wearing a long white dress and leaning against an ornately carved wooden chair. Portrait studio backdrop has a classical column at the top right.

Cora Crocker

A black and white portrait of Dr. Edward E. Allen. He stands, wearing a white shirt and striped tie under a very dark suit and vest. Allen's hands are in his coat pockets. He has a greying beard and stares at the camera. There is a blurry diamond-shaped pattern in the background. Circa 1910.

Centenary Address by Dr. Edward E. Allen

Portrait painting of John Dix Fisher circa 1840

Dr. John Dix Fisher

Perkins founding director, Samuel Gridley Howe, a white man, in two-thirds view. Howe is 30 years old. He is wearing a black coat and a white shirt with a high, straight collar that extends above a black scarf cravat around his neck. Howe’s dark hair is styled upwards and he wears long sideburns, both popular mens’ hairstyles in the 1830s.

Samuel Gridley Howe

Studio portrait of Gazella Bennett, circa 1895.

Gazella Bennett