People in Perkins history

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Elizabeth McClellan, a child born both deaf and blind due to a rubella infection, learned new communication skills after coming to Perkins.

Throughout history, Perkins emerges stronger from world-changing events

Black and white portrait of Ken Stuckey. He is wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up above the elbow. Stuckey’s plaid tie is fastened with a tie clip.

The Legacy of Ken Stuckey

Dr. Samuel Eliot, President of Perkins Institution Corporation (Board of Trustees), 1872-1897.

Dr. Samuel Eliot at Perkins

A group photo of the members of the 1937-1938 Harvard Class. Sayed Fattah is on the left with his hand in his coat pocket. A full description with class members identified is available on Flickr (

Visiting Mr. Fattah

Julia Romana Howe Anagnos

The other Anagnos

Photograph of Mount Auburn Cemetery showing gravestones, a tree with orange leaves, and the Chapel in the background.

Mount Auburn Cemetery and Perkins