People in Perkins history

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A group of students gathered around a "u" shaped table.

Anne Emilie Poulsson the “Finger Play Lady”

4 Kindergarten girls, standing in a line and holding their hands in fists, one above the other, play the "wheelwright game".

Ten Cents in His Pocket

Group portrait of campers and some of the staff, circa 1932.

To the Lake!

Elizabeth McClellan, a child born both deaf and blind due to a rubella infection, learned new communication skills after coming to Perkins.

Throughout history, Perkins emerges stronger from world-changing events

Black and white portrait of Ken Stuckey. He is wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up above the elbow. Stuckey’s plaid tie is fastened with a tie clip.

The Legacy of Ken Stuckey

Dr. Samuel Eliot, President of Perkins Institution Corporation (Board of Trustees), 1872-1897.

Dr. Samuel Eliot at Perkins