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Isaiah points to a board that Dr Kran holds in front of him

How to better advocate for your CVI child and get a diagnosis: Advice from Dr. Barry Kran

Toddler boy smiles while holding out small cooking pot

Designing meaningful EI routines for your child with CVI

Teacher works with toddler to help him explore a drum

Tips for effectively working with EI providers

Headshot of Amanda Griffith-Atkins with the article title, "Let's talk about grief."

Let’s talk about grief, with Amanda Griffith-Atkins

Headshot of Rebecca Davis with the text: CVI Parent Advocacy, Parents have the loudest voices

CVI Parent Advocacy

Boy, supported by his father, walks across a wooden playground bridge to his uncle

CVI Now Early Intervention Series

Baby biting the handle of a red pail while lying on a black blanket

CVI strategies for equipping your home for Early Intervention

Toddler sitting on a pile of tissues with some on his head and in his hands

How to Exist in Survival Mode

Baby lying down on a big pillow holding his hands together

Sharing the News: Talking to Family and Friends About CVI

Close up of baby wearing glasses and a winter hat

CVI and EI: What is the IFSP?

Burju with her son Omer sitting in front of a fire place and Lacey and her daughter siting in a swing together

You’ve Got This: CVI parents share how to navigate EI

A busy street in the Santo Andres municipality of Sao Paolo, Brazil

Why 3 mothers in Brazil decided to get their Perkins International Academy certification