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Portrait of Lidiane

How a mother’s resilience and desire to learn empowered her to lead change Brazil

Family portrait inside a chapel. Flavia, the mother, stands behind her three sons. Her youngest son is asleep in his stroller.

How a mother and Labor Lawyer in Argentina uses her expertise to advocate for children with disabilities

Portrait of Bill and Margot Moomaw. Bill is on the left, wearing a blue suit with no tie. Margot, on the right, has short gray hair and is wearing a black and white polka dot dress.

Why this family continues their support after 40 years

Group photo of families and volunteers at Family Nature Adventure Camp with mountains in the background.

Family Nature Adventure Camp for children with disabilities

A dock at Rio Negro in Bariloche, Argentina with the Andes mountain basin on the other side of the river. The Argentina flag stands tall at the edge of the dock.

Model school in Argentina empowers parents to coordinate graduation trip

Henry's CVI was missed by doctors and educators until he was 5 years old.

CVI: The most common cause of blindness in children

Two boys play in a sandbox

Perkins parents lead the way

A woman speaks to a large audience seated in front of her.

Families are never alone

Tracey Mitton with her daughter, Ashley, at Deafblind Awareness Day.

How Perkins and other state-funded services helped my daughter thrive

Perkins School for the Blind has been offering independent evaluations for more than 30 years.
Tips and facts

Five reasons to consider a Perkins independent evaluation for your child

Six members of the Turner family smile as they hold hands and pose under an apple tree.

Meet the parents of kids who are blind

Good social skills can help students who are blind establish and maintain social relationships, achieve academic success and gain employment.

5 ways to help a child who is blind develop social skills