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More than 100 college students from around the country participated in Perkins' first-ever hackathon.

From problem to solution in 24 hours

BlindWays users will receive vibrating notifications as they approach stops on the 70 and 71 bus routes.

Perkins adds beacon technology to BlindWays bus-finding app

Teams hard at work at the first-ever PerkinsHacks.

PerkinsHacks: 24 hours to change lives

Perkins student Zachary checks out his Orbit Reader 20 during the launch event on Thursday.

Perkins Library pilots ‘Kindle for folks who are blind’

Thanks to BlindWays, users of the popular BlindSquare app can locate bus stops like never before.

BlindSquare provides improved transportation information with BlindWays

A man in a suit speaks into a microphone next to a bus as a man and woman stand on either side of him

Perkins launches BlindWays app