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children playing on a playground

Isabel Greeley, Principal Matron of the Kindergarten 1887-1899

1966 Perkins Commencement Speaker, Robert Smithdas speaking at podium.

Dr. Robert Smithdas redefined deafblindness

Edith Thomas (standing) and Elizabeth Robin (seated) in front of ivy covered wall communicating via the manual alphabet.

Speaking with ‘flying fingers’

Seated portrait of Cornelia C. Roeske (1864-1895) outside reading an embossed book. She is wearing a dark dress with light trim.

Cornelia C. Roeske accomplished musician, teacher, and composer

A group of students gathered around a "u" shaped table.

Anne Emilie Poulsson the “Finger Play Lady”

Studio portrait of Helen Keller with Mr. Arthur Gilman. Keller is seated and Gilman stands. He is fingerspelling into her hand

Helen Keller’s college entrance exams