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Two adolescent boys sit across from each other at a table while using tactile sign language to communicate. The boy on the left has a big smile and the boy on the right wears glasses.

Importance of sign language for children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment, or deafblindness

A girl sits at an adapted desk, reading an activity book with the assistance of her teacher sitting behind her.

Children with Multiple Disabilities and Vision Impairment (MDVI)

A woman interacts with a boy seated in a supportive chair with a tray, holding a ball in each hand.

When passion meets profession

Sustainable Development Goals logo with color wheel

Perkins India’s Project IDI recognized by the UN as Good Practice toward the Global Goals

Dignitaries and leaders from Jayati Bharatam and Perkins India cut the ribbon at the initiation of the Gosaiganj Community Intervention Centre.

New Community Intervention Centre Launched in Gosaiganj

A group of young children with visual impairments pot plants.

Blessing that counts: An inspiring initiative somewhere in the hills and valleys