Expanded Core Curriculum

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A boy feels a tactile piece of art while his teacher looks on.

What inclusive, accessible arts education looks like

Slater, who is deafblind, types an email to her Aunt Lori. Photo Credit: Anna Miller

ECC at Perkins: Communicating the importance of compensatory access

Student practices white cane technique as her orientation and mobility instructor observes.

Expanded Core Curriculum: Orientation & mobility in every step

A teacher and student communicate via sign language

What learning looks like this fall

A mom holding her child smiling outside.

Expanding your child’s potential: Perkins’ first virtual Early Connections Conference

Good social skills can help students who are blind establish and maintain social relationships, achieve academic success and gain employment.

5 ways to help a child who is blind develop social skills

Ada Chen encourages her student, Casey, to utilize all of her senses during an interactive lesson about winter. Photo Credit: Anna Miller.

ECC at Perkins: The importance of sensory efficiency

Social interaction skills are taught to Perkins students from a young age. Photo Credit: Anna Miller.

ECC at Perkins: Shining through social interaction

Student using refreshable braille display while instructor looks on.

ECC at Perkins: Career education readies kids for world of work

Secondary student Zach works with assistive technology teacher Kate Crohan to improve his skills with a braille notetaker, one of the many technology devices used by students who are blind at Perkins.

ECC at Perkins: Accomplishing more with assistive technology

Brendan, 18, stocks the fridge during his shift at Perk Café. Photo Credit: Anna Miller

ECC at Perkins: Building a future starts with self determination

Jake, 17, uses a weight machine in the Perkins gym during Physical Education class. Photo Credit: Anna Miller.

ECC at Perkins: Recreation and leisure keeps kids active and healthy