Earth and Space Sciences

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Two girls examining hands-on science materials

Science Blogs and Articles

CellZone tactile cell model
Tips and facts

Adapted Materials for Science Instruction

Teacher with two students in science lab
Tips and facts

Teaching Tips for Accessible Science

A student holds a balloon representing the moon as he stands next to a globe.

Earth and Space Science Lessons

Tactile chemistry equations
Tips and facts

Getting Started Teaching Science

Plate tectonics model using an orange

Plate Tectonics

different kinds of rocks

Modeling Rock

Cat's Eye Nebula image from Chandra telescope with play button and text

Visual Descriptions of Space Images

PhET Simulations logo with "interactive simulations" and Text

PhET Accessible Simulations: Physics and More!

Photo of a man holding an iPad with the Rumble Map feature of the Eclipse Soundscapes app.

The Eclipse Soundscapes: Mobile Application makes eclipses accessible

Photo of Kate explaining the tactile telescope model to a high school student.

Accessible Astronomy: Tactile Telescope

Background image of earth taken from space with text

International Network of STEM for BLV