Early Childhood

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Red dump truck on a black background

Transportation sound book: ePub and tactile graphic activities

Screenshot of Swift Playground running drone code and text

Everyone Can Code: Swift Playgrounds

Cover of Monocular Mac written by Anne Corn and Pictures by Diane Dawson. Illustration of a boy looking through a monocular.

Monocular Mac: Free Children’s Book

Preschooler in dance clothes running with her cane to dance class. Text: "I have my cane when I go to dance."

My Cane: A Preschooler’s Book

Cover of Addyson book with an adorable preschooler holding a chalkboard sign

1st Day of Preschool: ePub Book

PAIF-ready raised line coloring page of Donald Duck and text

Braille Alphabet Coloring Pages Part 2: Tactile Graphics vs. Raised Line Drawings

Karen, a young girl, stand next to a planter with three-quarters filled with soil. Her teach stand behind her, holding her hands, guiding her to grab a handful of soil.

How Karen went from isolated to included

Ish book cover with an illustration of a child running with a paintbrush and text: Peter H Reynolds

“Ish” book: Drawing, estimating, and digital table activities

Playground app logo

Going to the Playground: APH app

Image of a rider adjusting a stirrup and text

Horseback Riding Book

Dolphins swimming and a speaker symbol

Ocean animal sounds book and activities

Hands on the Mantis Q40 QWERTY keyboard

Mantis Q40 video tutorials