Dual media learners

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Google Lens logo
Tips and facts

Google Lens review for low vision

Smiling leprechaun

Lucky leprechaun lessons

One-eyed monster wearing a white shirt and tie holding a computer.

Monster: Note taking skills

Young child using a braille display paired with a tablet.

Writing with a braille display: Lists part 3

Scribble lines with colorful crayons and chalk on a black background.

Writing with a braille display: Scribbling part 2

Kindergartener's hands on a braille display.

Writing and editing with an iPad and braille display: Intro part 1

Two overlapping chairs representing seeing a chair with double vision.

Ten “odd” things I do with double vision

Page with written lines and red squiggly underlines representing spelling and grammar errors.

How to use Text Analyzer in JAWS to proofread documents

Icon with white crescent moon and green slider button on a dark background, representing dark mode.

How to use high contrast in Windows 10 and 11

Audible Sight logo: 3 white sound waves on a blue background.

Audible Sight: A new method for creating audio descriptions

The Mitten book by Jan Brett Cover

The Mitten: Comparing, writing and tech skills

A page with a long written formula and a green pencil.

How to create an accessible formula sheet