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portrait photo of LJ Seiff

My experience as a student living with CVI who uses AAC

On a purple background, Tina, Omer, and Zeke, pose. CVI Now logo is centered above them.

How to use new CVI data to advocate for your child with CVI


Supporting the CVI Visual Behaviors in the Home 

Beula sits across from Nolan who uses an adapted wheelchair. Beula signs with Nolan.

How 2 ELP alumnae hope to expand CVI Awareness in India

Aidan wears glasses and smiles wide.

The current state of CVI: A hidden epidemic

Gavin smiles at the camera and emily is smiling and looking at him on his right. They're both seated at a table in a classroom with an assistive slant board in front of them.

5 CVI resources to ease the transition back to school

Amir, a student in the deafblind preschool walks to classs using a walker that has a tablet attached.

How does a transition to preschool work with CVI?

A photo showing the perspective of a student at a desk in a classroom that is adapted for CVI.

These 9 easy classroom adaptations can help kids with CVI

Grace, an 11 year old with brown wavy hair, stands on a beach at sunset

How Grace is breaking the cycle of everyday ableism

A cabinet that has bright yellow bins inside and bright yellow tape on the candle door handle illustrates a how to organize in a way that is more CVI accessible.

9 Ways to make your home more CVI accessible

Tom and a friendly dog touch noses while they sit on a boat at sunset.

Celebrating CVI dads: Steve and Tom

Grace feeds a giraffe a piece of lettuce

How you can help break the cycle of everyday ableism