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Dolphins swimming and a speaker symbol

Ocean animal sounds book and activities

Finnian and Annika work on dribbling a soccer ball down the field.

3 ways to advocate for a CVI-accessible camp experience

Henry sits in a classroom and shows his tactile calendar system

How to support learning at school with calendar systems

TVI Megan holds up an activity card for a CVI student

How to design CVI-accessible calendar systems

Perkins TVI Ilse Willems shines a light on a glass container for Ryan during a home CVI assessment.

CVI-friendly calendar systems: Tips for preparation

a young girl and her teacher look at a tactile calendar system together

Why all CVI kids deserve accessible calendar systems

A two tiered calendar system from the video Partial and Tactile Calendar System with Sharon Stelzer

Accessible calendar systems for students with CVI

Screenshot from the Bubbly app with the Word bubble 'Answer' and confetti on the screen.
Software update

Bubbly Updates: CVI literacy app

Photo portrait of Ellen Mazel

Ellen Mazel oral history

Isaiah points to a board that Dr Kran holds in front of him

How to better advocate for your CVI child and get a diagnosis: Advice from Dr. Barry Kran

Dr. Amanda Lueck smiles

How does CVI affect skill development beyond vision? Q&A with Dr. Amanda Lueck

Cyrus works with Amelia during speech class.

What do you need to know about CVI, complex communication needs, and AAC systems?