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Meet a few of our 2022 graduates


Why we don’t have a “list of colleges for students with visual impairments”

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Compass, from the educator perspective

A Compass student works on a laptop at home

Compass, from the student perspective

Students walking with white canes through a sunny campus

Introducing the College Readiness Resource Center

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Start here: First steps to get your academic students (of any age!) ready for life after high school

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Start here: How to help your student gain independence and the skills they need for life after high school

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Students: Wondering where to start? Right here!

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Technology, literacy and educational equity for college-aspiring students who are visually impaired

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Best practices and expert advice: How educators can support college-bound students who are visually impaired

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Breaking down barriers to college success for students with visual impairments

An aerial shot of the Perkins campus that shows the iconic Howe Tower against the Boston skyline

Students with Vision Loss, College, and Transition — Where We Are and Where We Are Going