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Girl interacting with an iPad with an adult beside her pointing to the screen.

Try ObjectiveEd’s games for free!

Young woman wearing bioptic glasses sitting in the driver's seat of a car with her thumb up!

Bioptics and low vision

Vector image of a human brain and spinal column representing Chair Malformation

How I explain my brain with Chiari Malformation

VoiceOver Playground app logo

VoiceOver Playground app: Teaching Tool, part 2

Cartoon image of a student sitting in front of a computer doing a math assignment.

ALEKS accessibility for visual impairment

Screenshot of Level 2: Drag Astronaut Tommy to tick 2 on the number line ranging 0-5. Text

Cosmic Numbers: Accessible number line app semester 2

Sitting girl holding and reading a large book with a rocket cover.

How to create accessible summer reading lists for print disabilities

Handwritten 2 + 2 = 4 math equation.

Adapting digital equations: Math problems and low vision

Harvard student Campbell sitting at her dorm desk with a laptop, braille note taker and headphones. At a table behind her is a Perkins Brailler and other devices.

Calculus anyone?

Student holding notes presenting in front of a white board.

Student bloggers on Paths to Technology

Index fingers tapping a keyboard.

Single Letter Navigation: iPad

4 colorful math symbols: plus, minus, times and divide.

Adapting math symbols: Math problems and low vision