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We help researchers from a wide range of backgrounds. The information you provide will help us make sure we can tell you about specific resources or tools that might be particularly helpful for your project. It will also help us make sure that staff and the materials you’re interested in are available and ready when you get here.

If you experience any trouble with the form, you are also welcome to email with the same information. We will generally confirm receipt within 2 working days.

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Research Information

Are you an academic? A professional in a field related to blindness or visual impairment? Doing research about a relative or other individual?


We will do our best to accommodate your preferred date for a visit. However, because a staff member must be with you throughout your visit, we may not be able to schedule your visit on some days due to other research visits or staff commitments. 

Visits of more than 2 days must be scheduled at least 2 full weeks ahead, and may have some additional limits on day to day scheduling to allow us to attend to other commitments.

If you are not yet sure of your travel plans, share around what time of the year you would like to visit.
If you are not yet sure of your travel plans, share a general idea (month or months) when you would like to visit.
We do not need a complete list at this time, but do need some idea what (and how much) material you are interested in. You must provide a complete list of items at least 5 working days before your visit.
Additional details about your project, accessibility or accommodation questions, questions about other possible resources, etc.

Understanding Our Policies

Your name below (and signature on our registration form when you arrive) indicates your agreement with our policies about use and publication of our materials as provided on our website and by our staff. Please consult with the library and archives staff if you have any questions.

My name below indicates I understand I…

  • Must provide a list of items I wish to use at least 5 working days before my visit. 
  • Must be escorted throughout my visit. 
  • Need to alert staff promptly if I am running late.
  • Can only work during the scheduled times (arranged in advance) and with an hour break for lunch, during which I must leave the Research Library space.
  • Am responsible for communicating any changes in my schedule as much in advance as possible.