Recognizing the Women force at Perkins India – foot soldiers who keep the march going

The ASHA and Anganwadi workers form the backbone of our implementation on the ground. Being a local force, they know and feel the pulse of the requirements, and in these roles become natural givers, carers and trainers.

Here’s a Salute to their ‘Everyday Work’ in Keeping the Engine Running

Out  every day with the rising sun, a smile so wide and heart on their sleeves, the ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activists) the community health workers  who move the needle ground up form the strength of  Perkins India’s engagement with the community and government. Employed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as a part of India’s National Rural Health Mission, we remember with gratitude the many streams they help us with –

As the local influence ground up, their involvement goes a long way in establishing trust and comfort in the community.

ASHA Workers doing simulation activity

Perkins India wishes our ASHA members all the very best in their journey on International Women’s Day 2023. And, a great teaming up as partners in inclusion and equity.


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