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Education is a Human Right

The work undertaken by Perkins International Programs in Latin America is rooted in a profound respect for the educational rights of children with disabilities. At the core of this belief is the notion that every child, regardless of where they are in the world, can learn. It is this conviction that propels a dedicated team of Perkins’ staff and local partners to work in the region, on a single mission: to ensure quality education and inclusiveness for all. Ensuring that the rights of every child, including those with disabilities, are upheld and that they receive a quality education, can initiate a transformative cultural, political, and social change.

In this newsletter you will learn how Perkins is supporting equitable inclusion for young children with disabilities and developmental delays in early childhood in Argentina. How a Perkins Family Coordinator, mother of five children, two with disabilities, reached out to the federal government in Brazil to advocate for inclusive and accessible education; and how in Mexico, a teenager’s world began to open up when his school principal teacher, family and classmates started to see him in a different light. We finish with testimony from a law student from Chile who is deafblind. She tells about her fights and accomplishments and how she has transformed her pain into strength.


Gloria Rodríguez-Gil
Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
[email protected]

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