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A young boy sits at his classroom desk, smiling and looking down at his slantboard. On his left, a female teacher assistant smiles and gazes at the student. In the background, a green wall and an alphabet poster.

Perkins’ Inclusive Education Experiences in Latin America

Dear colleagues, friends, collaborators, families, and schools:

Collaborating with schools and governments to facilitate a transformative process that advances inclusive education requires the integration of cultural, political, socio-economic, and practical dimensions, each uniquely shaped by individual countries and regions.

Perkins’s emphasis has been on empowering and enhancing inclusive practices within the family context, in special and regular school settings, in early education programs, and in the transition projects to adult life.

Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico contribute valuable experiences, presenting distinct scenarios to cultivate inclusive practices. Perkins’ teams in the region have actively worked on refining tools and strategies to enhance the efficiency of our joint efforts.

We still don’t have all the answers, but next, we will share experiences of our inclusive model program efforts and some resources you may find useful.



Gloria Rodríguez-Gil
Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
[email protected]

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