The early learning tool designed to promote an interactive educational experience.

Your student will enjoy learning braille with the Perkins SMART Brailler! Advanced technology accelerates learning braille with engaging, multisensory features including visual, tactile and auditory feedback, which increases your student’s ability to process new information and makes learning fun. Parents and teachers can easily collaborate with your student through auditory feedback and on-screen Roman letters that mirror what your child brailles.

Engage students with multisensory learning

To start, the SMART Brailler includes the classic mechanical brailler capabilities so students have every character of their work represented as tactile braille on paper. Plus, the Perkins SMART Brailler can read the letters and words aloud to your student, giving them immediate confirmation of what they’re typing and making it much more fun to learn braille.

Working one-on-one? Teachers and parents (even if you don’t know braille yet!) can view the Roman letters or SimBraille on the screen, making collaboration easier with real-time feedback.

a boy types on a smart brailler with a teacher

Key information

A male student using a braille book at a classroom table with his teacher.

User manuals 

Learn how to set up, operate and maintain your Perkins SMART Brailler. Learn more about your machine, like how to load paper and use the display module.

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Repair services

Make sure your investment lasts. Find out about your warranty, DIY maintenance and skilled technician repairs.

A girl uses a smart brailler with her teacher

Software updates 

Update your SMART Brailler to include Unified English Braille Code (UEB) or Latin America Spanish. Models after 2017 don’t need to be updated.

A girl uses a smart brailler with her teacher

At Perkins, we believe in the relevance and power of braille.

Braille can be a powerful path to literacy for people who are blind or visually impaired. Hear more about the impact of braille on student’s lives by subscribing to Perkins news.

Kathy Michaelson Braille Specialist

“The SMART Brailler is a tool that provides incentive to the students, and makes learning braille fun!”

Integrates with mainstream technology

Edit, save and transfer brailled documents to digital text files via USB, letting teachers or parents read the document on a computer.

Multiple languages supported

Language platforms in Unified English Braille, English, UK English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, German, Russian, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Arabic and Portuguese.

Tech features

Includes a headphone jack and volume control, rechargeable/removable battery, Acapela Group’s text to speech, and built-in “Building on Patterns” Kindergarten exercises [APH only].

Reliable support & service

One-year warranty and repair service training availability, ensuring that any problem with your product is resolved quickly.

Key statistics

6,000 SMART Braillers used worldwide

12 languages supported

20% lighter than traditional braillers

Helpful braille resources

A young boy using a brailler.
Features & specs

Find out how the SMART Brailler takes learning braille to the next level for students who are blind or visually impaired.

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Braillers to fit your needs

Not sure which Perkins Brailler is right for you? Compare features and specs side-by-side for every Brailler model.

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Find everything you need for your Brailler. We have multiple versions of braillers, parts and supplies available.


What to know about the Perkins SMART Brailler.

The SMART Brailler works mechanically much like the classic Perkins Brailler. The electronic components of the SMART Brailler present a variety of options for auditory and visual components, allowing teachers and parents to customize settings for their individual child’s needs. Discover how the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind uses the SMART Brailler. Spoiler alert: the students love it!

The main difference is that the SMART Brailler includes the mechanical braille capabilities of the classic Perkins Brailler along with several technological advancements including text-to-speech audio, a display screen and USB options for saving work. Use our Brailler comparison guide to learn more.

Weighing only 8.5 lb. (3.9 kg.), the SMART Brailler lightens the load, making it easier to transport between classrooms and home.

The SMART Brailler is available for purchase through the American Printing House (APH) using Federal Quota funds, administered by APH and its Ex Officio Trustees throughout the country.

Have questions about the Perkins SMART Brailler?

The Perkins Brailler team is standing by to help you find the answers you need. We look forward to hearing from you!