Book library

The book library contains digital resources created by educators, family members, groups, individuals and students. These free resources can be downloaded and used in the classroom and at home and are wonderful resources for remote instruction.

Lesson library

help educators and family members teach students with visual impairments from preschool thru college. You’ll find a multitude of lessons covering a variety of subjects and topics.

Map library

Our map library includes non-visual digital maps that are fully accessible maps for use by students for O&M purposes and for educational purposes in mainstream classrooms. Please help us grow the Map Library by sharing your maps!

Tactile graphics library

Browse our Tactile graphics library and download image files developed specifically for Tactile Graphics Machines (a.k.a. Thermal Image Enhancer or Heat Fuser) such as the PIAF or Swell machines.

Share your ideas for the resource library

We invite you to share your technology-related information, favorite apps, activities and teaching strategies for students with visual impairments and blindness.