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New Assistive Access feature for iOS 17 with a simplified interface for users with cognitive disabilities

Apple unveils new features for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

EPIQ Logo: Experience Programming in Quorum

EPIQ 2023 registration

BrailleDoodle, a device that creates tactile images and can support braille learning. This image has a hand-drawn house with the print letter "H" and the braille word "house".

Braille Doodle: Kickstarter price


Accessible coding demonstrations for youth with visual impairment


Virtual training to support guide dog users

CodeQuest logo: cartoon astronaut

CodeQuest: A Free APH App!

Project INSPIRE logo

Project INSPIRE 2023 summer Nemeth courses!

Screenshot from the Bubbly app with the Word bubble 'Answer' and confetti on the screen.
Software update

Bubbly Updates: CVI literacy app

A colorful maze with a starting point diverging into an upper and lower route that converge at the end point.

ChatGPT: Exploring the impact on educators of students with blindness and low vision

International STEM BLV logo
Lesson plan

Seeking STEM lesson plans

Logo for Be My Eyes app

Be My Eyes app: GPT-4 Virtual Volunteer

Globe surrounded by diverse cartoon people holding hands.

International study of young adults with visual impairments