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Two grinning kindergarten students with arms around each other.

Well, brl is my thing!

Hands on the keys of a Perkins Brailler: Brailler image has been modified to have a smiling, talking mouth.

Parts of the Perkins Brailler: Student-created video

BrailleDoodle, a device that creates tactile images and can support braille learning. This image has a hand-drawn house with the print letter "H" and the braille word "house".

Braille Doodle: Kickstarter price

Preschool fingers explored a tactile foam fish on a story board.

Preschool: 2D tactile materials supporting play and literacy

preschool hands on a teacher-made braille book with illustration of a boat on water with stick figures of a dad and boy.

Tactile graphic rich environments series: The missing link

Plastic eggs each with a printed word family with a bunny Easter basket in the background.

Egg word families

colorful jellybeans

Easter Egg Estimating

Graphic: Decorating Easter eggs with low vision

Decorating Easter eggs with low vision

4 year old girl with her precane opening an Easter egg with an Easter basket by her feet.

Easter Egg Hunt: O&M Orientation Lesson

Yard full of colorful balloons attached to Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt for students with visual impairments

Image of an egg.

Eggs-citing Tactile Graphic Activities!

7th grade Layla sits with her hands on a laptop running JAWS.

Benefits of mastering tech early: Layla, then and now!