1 in 30Recent research shows up to 1 in 30 kids in mainstream classrooms have CVI-related vision difficulties.

Up to 70%of kids with Cerebral Palsy have CVI. It’s also common in Autism, Down Syndrome, and neurodevelopmental conditions.

#1 causeCVI is the leading cause of childhood blindness. Based in the brain, it’s misunderstood and underdiagnosed.

Kids with CVI Can’t Wait

CVI is a research priority for NEI/NIH

  • The condition [CVI] has historically been under-recognized.” –NEI Strategic Plan: Vision for the Future
  • “CVI is a big condition, and patients come with a spectrum of issues they deal with. It’s not realistic to have a one-size-fits-all approach. We need better evidence-based tools and guidelines to do a better job of diagnosing, classifying the disease, and also managing the disease.” – Dr. Michael Chiang
  • The way forward for CVI requires collaboration, innovation, and awareness building. Collaboration between vision care providers, neurologists, neuroscientists, patients, parents, educators, rehabilitation specialists, researchers, industry, and NIH institutes. Scientific innovation that includes big data, data sharing, and establishing standard data representation.” -Dr. Michael Chiang

Explore our CVI
Research Library

Read current peer-reviewed research about CVI, the visual system, and the brain in our Research Library, which will continue to evolve as new research emerges.

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CVI Screening and Diagnosis Resources

“A patient is neither uncooperative nor untestable. It is the responsibility of the provider to create an environment where the patient can be successful.”
—Dr. Barry Kran, OD, FAAO

Boy placing a puzzle piece into a puzzle board

Intersection of CVI and Ocular Clinical Assessment

Dr. Nicole Ross, OD, MSc, FAAO, presents CVI, co-occurring ocular conditions, and how she evaluates and diagnoses CVI.

No CVI patient is untestable

Dr. Barry Kran, OD, FAAO, shares how he evaluates children suspected of having CVI and his approach to working with patients, no matter their complexities.

CVI Screening Tools

Rooted in research, the Teach CVI tools screen for suspicion of CVI, and cover lower, middle, and higher visual functions. Leading medical professionals in the field use these tools in clinical assessment.

Boy with glasses paints on a yellow paper on a slant board

CVI Protocol Doctor’s Letter

The CVI Perkins Protocol is a digital assessment tool rooted in research. The CVI Protocol generates a doctor’s letter based on results from a file review, student profile, and parent interview.

Resources for Patient Families

Equip families in your care with the resources they need to navigate a CVI diagnosis. A timely diagnosis is the gateway to life-changing services for kids with CVI.

A mother crouches down, hugging her young, smiling son outside in front of a building entrance.


A comprehensive and trusted website rooted in research and centers the lived experiences of people with CVI and their families.

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CVI Visual Behaviors

In-depth learning about CVI behaviors commonly evaluated and recognized by major theorists.

Baby biting the handle of a red pail while lying on a black blanket

CVI Early Intervention

Find fact-packed, accessible information about starting EI, IFSPs, home routines, and emotional insights

A student with CVI learns to spell "Mom" using an accessible touchscreen display

CVI Now IEP Guide

Walks through the IEP process from beginning to end with CVI-specific explanations and advice.

CVI Research Highlights

Watch talks and webinars from researchers and clinicians in the CVI field. Read recent CVI scientific research. Explore current CVI studies.

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Henry’s CVI was missed by doctors and educators until he was 5 years old.

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