The hidden disability you need to know about: Cortical / Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI)

1 in 30Recent research shows up to 1 in 30 kids in mainstream classrooms have CVI-related vision difficulties.

60-70%of kids with Cerebral Palsy have CVI. It’s also common in Autism, Down Syndrome, and neurodevelopmental conditions.

#1 causeCVI is the leading cause of childhood blindness. Based in the brain, it’s misunderstood and underdiagnosed.

Cyrus touches the photo of his water bottle on the iPad during speech class.

Kids with CVI CaN’T WAIT

Learn about CVI and earn credits

The CVI Center at Perkins is a leader in CVI training. We’re here to support you through your CVI learning journey every step of the way. Our professional development offerings are rooted in current science and promising practices, and center the lived experiences of people with CVI.

  • Our professional development offerings are designed for educators, services providers (TVIs, O&Ms, OTs, PTs, SLPs), school administrators, and parents.
  • Scholarships are available. We’re committed to ensuring equitable access to continuing education on CVI.
  • Inquire for group options—custom packages available.
  • Email Raquel Ronzone at [email protected] to learn more.

Expand your CVI knowledge

Choose the live virtual CVI professional development opportunity that is right for you and your organization.

Interested in custom training for your team or organization? Email Raquel Ronzone at [email protected]

Boy with glasses paints on a yellow paper on a slant board

90-min CVI Workshop

90 minutes, 1.5 credits

Learn about CVI, the brain’s visual system, the CVI visual behaviors, and CVI’s impact on learning.

Two boys building towers with light up blocks

Half-day CVI Workshop

3 hours, 3.5 credits

Deep dive into CVI and the brain, CVI visual behaviors and their impact on access to learning and the environment, compensatory skills, and examples of what access looks like.

A student looking at a light bulb inside a clear vase filled with water

Full-day CVI Workshop

5 hours, 6 credits

In-depth case study analysis and discussion. Deep dive into the CVI visual behaviors and their impact on access to learning and the environment, compensatory skills, and examples of what access looks like.

Take our CVI Foundations course

Ready to go big with your CVI learning? Take our 8-week graduate-level online course, CVI: A foundational overview and understanding.

Continue your learning

Advance your education — conveniently and effectively — with Perkins eLearning opportunities.

Access content in a range of formats, from free video presentations to credit-earning online classes, to best suit your needs.

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The CVI Center

We are urgently confronting CVI

We’re on a mission to reach 50,000 kids with CVI in 3 years. Join us!

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Henry’s CVI was missed by doctors and educators until he was 5 years old.

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