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we believe

Building sustainable programs across the globe today means brighter futures for children tomorrow.

We go where the need is. From identifying children with multiple, complex disabilities in India, to supporting inclusive model education programs in Mexico, we partner with governments and communities to create a world of opportunities. We don’t build schools – we build capacity, empowering families and professionals to ignite change and unleash possibility. And together, we set new standards for what is possible – for children with multiple disabilities and for our world.

Every child can learn.

Children with complex, multiple disabilities rely on adults with the commitment and special skills to help them learn. Perkins International works with families, teachers, schools, doctors, hospitals, community leaders, universities and governments to make education accessible to all children — wherever they are and whatever their ability. Because we believe every child can learn, and we can show you how.

Why Perkins?

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We meet children where they are

For a child with multiple disabilities, the journey to education may begin at home, in an orphanage, hospital, community program or school. Perkins starts where children are so, no child is kept invisible or excluded.

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We invest in adults who support children  

For 100 years, we’ve been training leaders and educators who change the world for children in 97 countries. We provide a wide range of opportunities for professionals and family members to help children achieve their full potential in life.

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We make education possible

For children with disabilities to learn and thrive, families, schools, hospitals, communities and governments must all work together. We set the standards and build the networks that sustain and strengthen teaching, learning and community life.

Transforming education.

Katherine Holland Executive Director of Perkins International

“We believe we have to extend our expertise everywhere it’s needed. If not Perkins, then who? We have the capability to fill a hole in places that have not been dealt with.”

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