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we believe

Accessibility and inclusion are human rights.

Every human being has their own special gifts and talents to offer the world. But the world is built to accommodate people without disabilities. Considering one in four people have a disability, we believe it should be the other way around.

Disability inclusion is taking steps to level the playing field. It’s erasing stigma, changing attitudes and embracing people, perspectives and new ways of being that truly create a more vibrant, authentic reflection of our human race. It’s speaking up to ensure all people are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. We are committed to breaking down society’s barriers to inclusion, from sharing the lessons we’ve learned about accessibility to celebrating the achievements of children we’ve reached all across the globe.

Perkins Access is changing how people think about digital accessibility.

By championing human-centered design and testing products with real users, we’re helping companies and organizations in every industry create truly top notch apps and websites that work better for everyone. We’re imagining a world where disability is never a barrier to web products, and we’re helping people understand how that world is good for everyone, no matter their ability.

Why Perkins?

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We make the web accessible

Perkins Access, our digital accessibility consulting service, is grounded in the belief that everyone deserves access to the world online.

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We ready young adults for life after high school

The leap from high school graduation to young adulthood is a big one. Explore our tailored programs for students and expert resources for families and caregivers. Let’s navigate the journey from high school to adulthood together.

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We believe inclusion has no borders

Around the world, for children with multiple disabilities, the journey to education may begin at home, in an orphanage, in a hospital, in a community program or at school. Perkins International meets children where they are so that no child is invisible or excluded.

What we demand

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

“It is not possible to be in favor of justice for some people and not be in favor of justice for all people.”

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A better path to higher ed

Compass is designed for college success.

A unique virtual program for college-bound students in grades 9 through 11, Compass provides the critical academic and blindness skills students need to reach their full, college-ready potential.

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Introduce your company to digital accessibility and start your next project with us.

Transition Center & College Success

We meet students with disabilities where they are to prepare them for higher education and their careers by providing the resources they need to thrive.


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Support Perkins and help us extend our reach to the millions of children with complex disabilities who deserve to access their world.