A girl flies a kite while a teacher coaxes her.

What we do

Everyday at Perkins is about connection, possibility and opportunity.

Around the globe, in over 95 countries, Perkins-trained educators are reaching children at risk of being left behind. On campus, we’re constantly innovating to meet the needs of our students. And everywhere in between, we’re responding to the real-world, real-time needs of our community. We’re committed to delivering best-in-class education to children, providing immersive training to professionals, and creating a world of inclusion, accessibility and opportunity for people with multiple disabilities.

Our core values

A girl wearing a white headband that is working with her smiling teacher at a table.

We believe every child can learn

We believe every child should have the opportunity to find their place in the world.

Two girls that are wearing hats with their arms linked as they walk on a track.

We stand for disability inclusion

We believe all people should be treated with respect, and offered opportunities to define their own success.

Brothers Maximo and Janmer of the Philippines are back in school thanks to the help of Perkins International partner Resources for the Blind, Inc. (RBI).

We believe real change is global change

We believe sustainable partnership and collaboration and is the key to creating lasting change everywhere.

Our history

Perkins School for the Blind was established in 1829 as the first school for the blind in the United States. Today Perkins is committed helping children with disabilities find their place in the world.

Our team

Innovation is the way we think.

And it’s the way we work. Change happens because of the work our team does every day all over the world. Find out what it means to work at Perkins, and see how it feels to be a changemaker.

A teacher and young student work together in front of an iPad in a classroom.
At a career fair, a woman shakes the hand of a young woman holding her white cane.

Visiting information

Our beautiful campus is located in the heart of Watertown, Massachusetts along the banks of the Charles River.

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It all comes down to impact. Thanks to your support, our programs and services are improving the lives of children and young adults with multiple, complex disabilities including blindness.

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The most commonly asked questions.

Perkins uses a combination of curricula to create a customized learning approach for every child based on unique needs and strengths. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Learning Standards and Curriculum Frameworks guide all curricula choices. We incorporate the Expanded Core Curriculum throughout the day along with adapted core curriculum lessons and the Unique Learning System™.

You can email [email protected] or call 617-972-7328.

Perkins School for the Blind is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

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Help build a more inclusive world and brighter future for children with multiple disabilities and visual impairments.