President & CEO

Executive team

  • Studio headshot of Ed Bosso

    Ed Bosso

    President of Educational Programs
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  • Headshot of Kim Charlson

    Kim Charlson

    Executive Director of Perkins Library
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  • Headshot of Brenna Child

    Brenna Child

    Chief People Officer
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  • Studio headshot of Rebecca Fater.

    Rebecca Fater

    Chief Development and Marketing Officer
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  • Headshot of Katie Holland

    Katherine Holland

    Executive Director, Perkins International
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  • Headshot of Sandy K. Lacey, Executive Director of Howe Innovation Center

    Sandy Lacey

    Executive Director, Howe Innovation Center & Perkins Solutions
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  • Headshot of Astrid Vermeer

    Astrid Vermeer

    Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
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