What’s available from NEC?

Consultation and training is provided in the home, classroom, work and community, and includes video conferencing. Support to early childhood and educational teams focus on collaboration, assessment, and program development.

Key topics targeted in consultation and training includes:

Birth to Age 6 (Early Intervention and Early Childhood)

Combined vision and hearing loss often results in delays in communication and overall development. Early identification of combined vision and hearing loss is critical to ensure children and families receive specialized services.

Recognizing the importance of early identification and referral, NEC offers consultation and training to early intervention/early childhood providers regarding:

  • Conditions Associated with Deafblindness
  • Evidenced-Based Practices Related to Early Assessment, Intervention, and Curriculum
  • Parent Self/Advocacy in the IFSP/IEP Process

Age 6 to 21 (School-Age into Young Adulthood)

NEC consultants and affiliated agencies provide School-Based Consultations (onsite or via video conferencing) focused on assessment, instruction, and curriculum.

Additional Topics Include:

  • Common Core Curriculum and Expanded Core Curriculum
  • Person-Centered Planning and Strategies to Promote Transition to Adult Services
  • Parent Self-Advocacy in the IEP and Transition Process
  • Paraprofessional Training/The Use of Interveners in the Classroom
  • National Center on Deafblindness – Online Learning Modules

State and Regional Trainings:

State and regional trainings highlight “evidence-based practices” in deafblind education with an emphasis on development of leadership skills for service providers and families.

State and regional leadership trainings target:

  • Communication/Language Development Strategies
  • Impact of Combined Vision and Hearing Loss
  • Assessment, Intervention, and Curriculum
  • Strategies for Successful Transitions
  • Family Training and Networking Opportunities
  • Supporting Parent Participation in the Educational Planning Process
  • Development of Leadership and Consultation Skills
  • Dissemination of materials and resources includes information about “evidence-based practices” in deafblind education and related fields, training opportunities, community resources, newsletters, and informational packets for families, service providers, and community agencies.

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